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Adidas customer service has its underlying foundations in Germany yet we are a really worldwide organization. Around the planet we utilize more than 62,000 individuals. At our worldwide HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany, our groups are comprised of individuals from more than 100 unique countries. These numbers alone can undoubtedly recommend that adidas is a significant huge and furthermore multi-layered association. Valid. Yet, we keep things straightforward, lean, and quick. Furthermore, we will utilize this methodology currently to give an outline of what is the issue here.

All that we do is established in sport. Game assumes an inexorably significant part in an ever increasing number of individuals’ lives, here and there the field of play. It is vital to each culture and society and is center to our wellbeing and joy.

Our motivation, ‘through sport, we have the ability to change lives’, directs the manner in which we run our organization, how we work with our accomplices, how we make our items, and how we draw in with our purchasers. We will consistently endeavor to extend the constraints of human prospects, to incorporate and join individuals in sport, and to make a more reasonable world.

Adidas customer service number

Call Adidas customer service phone number 1-800-982-9337 (US)

Adidas customer service working hours Monday-Sunday 5am-8pm PST

Adidas England customer service phone number +44 20 7365 7315 (UK)

If you need more information visit Adidas help center.

Competitors don’t make due with normal. What’s more, neither do we. We have an unmistakable mission: To be the best games brand on the planet. Consistently, we come to attempt to make and sell the best games items on the planet, and to offer the best assistance and buyer experience and to do everything in a feasible manner. We are the best when we are the tenable, comprehensive, and manageable pioneer in our industry.

At adidas, we are defiant confident people driven by activity, with a longing to shape a superior future together. We see the universe of game and culture with probability where others just see the unimaginable. ‘Incomprehensible is Nothing’ isn’t a slogan for us. By being idealistic and knowing the force of game, we see unlimited prospects to apply this force and push all individuals forward with activity.

Adidas customer reviews

Got a warning around a couple of sets of coaches being at a bargain from an alternate organization. Taken a gander at them and I adored the Adidas Trainers, experienced passionate feelings for straight away. They was nearly £25 less expensive however I paid to get composing imprinted on the mentors. Free conveyance, came very fast too. I additionally did the compensation 3 choice with Klana which is so bravo. I have quite recently put in another request however I don’t know about garments measures so fingers crossed they will fit. Extraordinary organization, will arrange constantly. Much appreciated Adidas, been wearing your image for around 25 years now and never had an issue.

Incredible online shop! Love web based Adidas customer service shopping, even at this pandemic time they are doing they best. Online orders comes from Germany, standard conveyance requires 2-3 days. In the case of something doesn’t fit, it is so natural to return. Discount comes considerably faster 24h-48h since you’ve posted it back.

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