Airbnb customer service


Airbnb customer service started in 2008 when two planners who had space to share facilitated three explorers searching for a spot to remain. Presently, a great many hosts and explorers decide to make a free Airbnb account so they can list their space and book novel facilities anyplace on the planet. Also, Airbnb experience has share their interests and interests with the two explorers and local people.

Airbnb helps make sharing simple, pleasant, and safe. We check individual profiles and postings, keep a shrewd informing framework so has and visitors can speak with assurance, and deal with a confided in stage to gather and move installments.

On the off chance that you need to discover more about a posting, host, or experience prior to booking, you can message the host on Airbnb. Try to audit the posting page or experience depiction to explain anything you need from the host.

To message a host prior to reserving a spot:

  1. Log in to your record and go to the posting for the host you need to contact.
  2. If you need to get some information about explicit reservation subtleties, enter the dates and number of visitors for your outing (you can change this data prior to booking).
  3. Click or tap Contact have on the posting page.
  4. On the following page, look at the data under What to anticipate from your visit. On the off chance that you actually need to contact your host, snap or tap the Message button.

Airbnb customer service number

Call Airbnb customer service phone number 1 (844) 234-2500

More information visit Airbnb help center.

Start by investigating Stays or Experiences. Apply channels like whole homes, self registration, or pets permitted to limit your alternatives. You can likewise save top choices to a list of things to get. Whenever you’ve discovered what you’re searching for, find out about your host, read past visitor surveys, and get the subtleties on abrogation alternatives—at that point book in only a couple clicks.

You’re good to go! Associate with your host through the application for nearby tips, questions or guidance. You can likewise contact Airbnb whenever for extra help. Hosts are resolving to improved COVID-19 cleaning conventions, and postings are evaluated for tidiness. Hosts can offer a scope of adaptable undoing alternatives which are unmistakably expressed at booking.

With every minute of every day worldwide client service, we’re there for you at whatever point you need help.Options like self check-in or booking an entire home allow you to interact with your host mainly through in-app messaging—you can message them anytime if something comes up.

Airbnb customer reviews

Incredible involvement in Airbnb customer service. We’d booked a property and in spite of the fact that at the time we booked the limited non refundable rate, we had a particularly incredible host who offered to discount us in full in light of the Coronavirus circumstance. She was unable to abrogate the strategy however gave us the contact number for Airbnb. They reached her for her arrangement and we got a full discount. A particularly extraordinary just to manage and the client care from Airbnb was actually what you’d wish for.

I booked a house set apart “all in all spot”, however in the depiction there was a data that the proprietor was really living there. I raised a protest to Airbnb and inside 5 minutes I got an answer, I conversed with Airbnb customer service representative who apologized, dropped the booking with full discount and got me a 10% rebate for another reservation. Incredible experience!

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