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eBay customer service is a worldwide trade pioneer that interfaces a large number of purchasers and venders all throughout the planet. We exist to empower financial freedom for people, business people, organizations and associations, everything being equal. Our arrangement of brands incorporates eBay Marketplace and eBay Classifieds Group, working in 190 business sectors all throughout the planet.

We offer dealers the capacity to grow a business with little obstruction to section paying little heed to measure, foundation or geographic area. We never rival our dealers. We win when our venders succeed.

Purchasers who shop on our Marketplace and Classifieds stages appreciate an exceptionally customized insight with an unrivaled determination at extraordinary worth.

eBay customer service number

Call Ebay customer service phone number is +1 (866) 961-9253

You need article information visit eBay help.

eBay makes motivating web based business encounters for our purchasers, venders and engineers. Accepting advancement has been a foundation of our development and client unwaveringness in the course of recent years – enveloping innovations like AI, PC vision, regular language handling and machine interpretation.

Consistently, individuals assemble organizations on eBay. Not-for-profit associations raise essential assets. Business people acquire new abilities and admittance to new business sectors where they can go their fantasies and thoughts into business achievement

In the present advanced world, it appears as though we are continually rearranging between gadgets, regardless of whether it be the telephone in our pocket, PC around our work area or tablet when we are in a hurry. With these gadgets available to us, it’s critical to have frameworks set up that give a similar client experience regardless of the gadget we’re on. That is the reason we have dispatched another bound together posting experience for our venders that is consistent across all stages.

eBay customer reviews

I’m no-nonsense eBay customer service purchaser since 2007. Just can say great words. Last request conveyed in the normal time, entirely stuffed. A debt of gratitude is in order for an incredible help and very great conveyance. Strongly suggested for all individuals.

I like EBay. I simply will be so happy when I can utilize it completely I have no PayPal in light of the fact that my record has been frozen, so I am happy of the new administration installment, it is not difficult to get hold of EBay then PayPal, you simply can not generally address anybody that simple and when you do they are pointless and simply don’t give a monkeys . I telephone EBay then in less the 2 minutes they telephone me back, does PayPal do this NO . I disdain PayPal and I can just say no love lost PayPal. At the point when EBay have felt for me with all the PayPal issues I have had for the last spend 9 years. I say EBay have done some amazing things disposing of PayPal, thiis what PayPal need is to be brought down, it has corse me a great deal of hopelessness.

I’m grateful to the point that eBay stepped in and gave me a full discount of a thing I requested however never got! The following history showed it was conveyed however who realizes what occurred! The dealer never reacted however EBay took care of their work! Much obliged eBay customer service!

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