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Associating individuals with merchandise, administrations, thoughts and advancements sets out open doors that fuel development, stimulate organizations and lift networks to better expectations of living. At FedEx customer service, we accept that an associated world is a superior world, and that conviction guides all that we do.

We convey delight during the special times of year. We convey desire to overcomers of catastrophic events. Clients rely on our different arrangement of transportation, online business, and business arrangements. Our organizations arrive at in excess of 220 nations and regions, connecting in excess of 99% of the world’s GDP. Behind everything are our in excess of 490,000 colleagues all throughout the planet, who are joined around the Purple Promise: “I will make each FedEx experience remarkable.”

FedEx sees advantages of cutting edge development for our colleagues and activities, including PC helped vehicles, man-made consciousness, advanced mechanics and robots. We support endeavors to modernize government laws and guidelines that empower propels in transportation innovation.

FedEx customer service number

Call FedEx customer service phone number 1.800.GoFedEx or 1.800.463.3339

FedEx customer service working 24 hours a day.

If you need other information visit FedEx help center.

In February 2019, FedEx uncovered a model of the FedEx SameDay Bot, an independent conveyance gadget planned because of the fast development of internet business, the intricacies and cost of last-mile conveyance, and our obligation to ecological maintainability. Roxo, as the bot is known, will go at moderate rates along side of the road and on walkways to convey more modest shipments securely to clients at their homes and organizations. In a joint effort with DEKA Research and Development Corp., FedEx keeps on directing preliminaries to additionally create Roxo for far and wide use.

In 2019, FedEx dispatched its investment in a little bundle, little robot conveyance experimental run program worked by Wing Aviation LLC, an auxiliary of Alphabet Inc. The experimental run program is being led in Christiansburg, VA, as a feature of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program.

Through this preliminary bundles bound for certain homes in the Christiansburg region are being conveyed the last mile by means of Wing drone. Attempting to address client issues in a steadily evolving commercial center, the joint effort was intended to assess improving last mile conveyance for same-day conveyance of earnest shipments and other remarkable conveyance needs.

FedEx customer reviews

Martian is the BEST individual, both on an expert and individual level. He is incredibly learned and quick every time my home/office printers pass on me. Seeing him when I stroll in assists me with quieting down, in light of the fact that I know I’m in acceptable hands.

The refined man was so pleasant, any remaining conveyance administrations from Australian Post are lethargic and problematic. In the pandemic they generally drive me out to take the products in any event, when I was debilitated. What’s more, when they saw my face they would take off and drop the products fiercely directly on the front entryway while my condo is 5 meters strolling in.

So today when I heard he said Fed Ex conveyance I anticipate that he should be a similar degree of inconsiderateness, and seeing a major box I realize it was the request for iMac 27 creeps from Apple. I was pondering internally that is it, I need to drag it in at this point. Be that as it may, he was so amicable and kind and carried right to within my home. Individuals like this merits a raise and acknowledgment. Much thanks to you FedEx customer service and the honorable man that was useful! 5 stars administrations!

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