LG customer service


LG customer service way of thinking spins around individuals, truthfulness, and adhering to the essentials. It is to comprehend our clients and to offer ideal arrangements and new encounters through perpetual advancement, along these lines helping our customers have better existences.

We are contacting knowing buyers with sharp sensibilities – individuals who keep on investigating new exercises and take on new difficulties to encounter more and accomplish a superior life. We have built up our image picture slowly and reliably, consistently to convey, “Life’s Good.” We are contemporary yet genuine, continually developing our essential methods of reasoning to the cutting edge field.

The historical backdrop of LG Electronics has consistently been encircled by the organization’s craving to make a more joyful, better life.

Spearheading in innovation through LG’s inventive beginning and constant development, LG is turning into a quicker and more astute worldwide brand of things to come.

LG Electronics was set up in 1958 and has since driven the route into the high level computerized time on account of the innovative mastery procured by assembling many home apparatuses like radios and TVs.

LG Electronics has divulged numerous new items, applied new advances as cell phones and computerized TVs in the 21st century and keeps on supporting its status as a worldwide organization.

LG Electronics assumes a functioning part in world business sectors with its decisive worldwide business strategy. Subsequently, LG Electronics controls in excess of 142 nearby auxiliaries around the world, with about 74,000 heads and representatives.

LG customer service number

Call United States LG customer service phone number (800) 243-0000 (US)

United States LG customer service working Monday-Sunday 8am – 6pm CST.

If you need LG customer service chat visit LG chat support.

Call United Kingdom LG customer service phone number 0344 847 5454 (UK)

United Kingdom LG customer service working Monday-Saturday 9am – 6pm GMT.


LG is the brand that is Delightfully Smart. “Life’s Good” motto, and advanced logo are an incredible portrayal of a big motivator for we.

Worldwide, Tomorrow, Energy, Humanity and Technology are the columns that this enterprise is established on; with the capital letters L and G situated inside a circle to focus our goals regardless of anything else, mankind. The image mark represents our determination to build up an enduring relationship with, and to accomplish the most elevated fulfillment for our LG customer service.

The letters “L” and “G” in a circle represent the world, future, youth, mankind, and innovation. Our way of thinking depends on Humanity. Additionally, it addresses LG’s endeavors to keep cozy associations with our clients around the planet.

The image mark comprises of two components: the LG logo in LG Gray and the adapted picture of a human face in the special LG Red tone. Red, the primary tone, addresses our invitingness, and furthermore gives a solid impression of LG’s obligation to convey the best. Thusly, the shape or the shade of this image mark should never be changed.

LG customer reviews

Great assistance. Cheerful. Speedy conveyance of my item, with a book educating me regarding the schedule opening allotted, acceptable and satisfied with their brisk proficient assistance.

I have bought LG items since my school days and they have been amazing. They are beautiful and acceptable quality form, dependable and they do keep going quite a while. Continuously intrigued with LG. I have claimed a LG screen, MP3 player, cell phones, and tv’s. I just bought a Bluetooth speaker the LG Xboom PL2 and it sounds amazing, little and convenient however boisterous for its size, exceptionally clear solid, and accompanies an App. I read a ton of audits on this item and did a few examinations with different brands like Sony and Wonderboom however this LG yet LG was my decision.

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