Lyft customer service


It’s up to each rider and driver to do their part to help ensure one another, Lyft customer service you’ll have to verbally consent to a couple of straightforward guidelines via telephone before you ride, and will be suspended on the off chance that you more than once break them.

The wellbeing and security of the Lyft people group is our need. With the advancing circumstance around COVID-19, we need to ensure Lyft drivers and riders realize the most ideal approaches to help secure themselves as well as other people when sharing the ride. As per the CDC and neighborhood wellbeing authorities, individuals who have been determined to have COVID-19, suspect they may have it, or are being assessed for it ought not utilize rideshare, public transportation, or taxicabs.

We will likely guarantee each ride is protected and agreeable beginning to end for each driver and rider regardless of their age, pay, zip or postal code. As usual, drivers and riders can decay or drop rides for security reasons, including a huge danger to their wellbeing or wellbeing. Segregation remembering for the premise of race or public root isn’t permitted.

Lyft customer service number

Call Lyft customer service phone number 631-201-LYFT (631-201-5938)

If you need other information visit Lyft help center.

Lyft customer service working hours

Lyft specialists are accessible Monday to Friday, 8AM – 8PM EST.

Presenting Call A Lyft Ride, an uncommon help that allows you to demand a ride by telephone no application required. Accessible in urban communities across Florida, simply call utilizing your cell phone, book a ride with a Lyft specialist, and a vehicle will show up in minutes. It’s ideal for seniors and people without admittance to the Lyft application

  • To book a ride, you need a telephone with messaging capacities.
  • Drivers are not expected to offer help getting in or out of the vehicle.
  • Wheelchair open vehicles are not accessible right now.

You can help ensure yourself as well as other people when you ride, and there are a couple of things you can never really remain safe like wearing a face covering and keeping the front seat clear. Lyft is as yet accessible across North America (as per official orders), however we’ve stopped Shared rides all over the place.

We keep on observing the continuous circumstance and make refreshes in light of true direction from government and neighborhood wellbeing specialists.

  • Stay home in the event that you have COVID-19 or related manifestations
  • Wear a face covering
  • Open your window in the event that you can, and we’ve requested that drivers turn off recycled air
  • Leave the front seat vacant

Lyft customer reviews

Most elite Lyft is extraordinary individuals as opposed to speaking terrible about Lyft u ought to think them this driver get over here stir getting client left and right putting there self in peril each day and drivers work when they accessible

had an issue on Tuesday and today with lift however fortunately I had spoken with somebody through the message place and she helped me to address the issue that I have a today and disclose to me what occurred for my issue on Tuesday yet will ensure that this is taken care of appropriately she’s extremely charming to speak with I am giving Lyft customer service member Carroll a 5 star rating.

I have been utilizing Lyft since 2019 roughly. I’ve really had great help constantly regardless of what has occurred. Shockingly this evening I managed an especially prejudiced driver. I gave my grumbling on the web and was in a split second content. Joana was past proficient. She went above help to ensure that sadly to GPS I had things to manage on my area that is was out of my control totally tolerating and dealt with everything! I realize numerous individuals have had terrible encounters with Lyft yet I’ve never have and I will consistently suggest them! Much obliged to you!

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